Whether you're a small or medium-sized business, a home office entrepreneur, or a consumer, we’re here to help you with your Information and Telecommunications technology needs.  We'll meet with you and work through the process of assessing your current situation, reviewing your needs and goals, developing a plan and budget to ensure the right technology is selected, and ensuring the new solution is successfully installed and used effectively.  

Success is usually achieved by focusing on three key areas, those being people, process, and technology. Reviewing and making appropriate changes to each of these areas to achieve the right balance will produce the desired outcome. Our experienced team combined with our relationship and access to a large group of industry specialists, equipment suppliers, and service providers will ensure that you get the right solution on time and within budget.         

More than just helping you succeed with technology, we focus and work hard on building long and successful working relationships with our clients.

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For Business


Services offered to small and medium-sized business and home office clients include:

Business Process Review

This planning method involves reviewing, improving, and controlling the processes that exist in your company and requires a continuous evaluation and monitoring of those processes in order to improve process flow. It also includes a SWOT analysis that determines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in your business venture or project. This identifies the goals and objectives and the internal and external factors that will help or hinder achievement of the goals. 

Strategic/Tactical Planning

This process defines a long or short-term business direction and decides on how to allocate resources in order to pursue it.  It requires an understanding of the current situation and the possible avenues to pursue the appropriate course of action needed for the successful adoption of new technology. 

Technology and Services Assessment

Typically preceded by a business process review, this process defines the technology requirements that will help improve the processes and workflow within your company and establishes the basis for selection of the appropriate technology and/or technology services. 

Supplier Management 

This involves the review and selection of suitable vendors or suppliers and manages the negotiation and acquisition process with suppliers once the required technology solution, product, or service has been determined.

Project Planning and Management

This involves initiating the project, developing a plan, securing resources, executing and monitoring the plan, and closing out a project. A key success factor is the effective management of the scope, time, and the budget established for the project.

 For Consumers


Services offered to consumers include:

Needs Assessment

We'll review your personal or family needs and help you determine the appropriate technology (computer hardware, software, applications, telephones, data networking, mobile or smartphone devices, multimedia and home entertainment systems integration) and related services that will help improve or enhance your home and lifestyle. 

Technology Review & Selection

Based on your needs, we'll review and present suitable technology options and then help you decide on the one that best meets your needs.

Installation and Training 

We can arrange or help you with the installation, set up, and training on the selected technology solution to ensure it's working correctly and being used effectively.  

Technical Support 

We're available to help provide answers to questions you may have about your new solution or service and, if needed, will help arrange for remote or onsite technical assistance (additional charges may apply).